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About Us

Redeemer's Medical Center (RMC) was founded in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The primary goal of RMC is to provide free healthcare services and awareness programs to the less priviledged and uninsured in the community.

With a dedicated staff of Medical Doctors, Nurses and other licensed care givers, we seek to meet your immediate healthcare needs and make sure you are at your optimal state of well being.

Our Vision:
To improve community health and ensure accessibility of basic healthcare services to all.

Our Mission:
To provide quality primary healthcare services and health awareness educational programs to the uninsured and underserved.

Other key points about RMC:
  - RMC operates a weekly medical clinic, we also organize periodic health fairs and healthcare educational programs.
  - RMC partners with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, and other related entities in service of the community.
  - RMC participates in the Georgia Volunteer Healthcare Program (GVHCP).
  - RMC operates with funding from corporations, private businesses and organizations, churches, federal government funding programs and individual donors.

Executive Team:
RMC is led by an executive team with extensive healthcare industry experience.
  - Joseph Takon, MD, Chief Executive Officer
  - Bola Adesuyi, Executive Director
  - Julius Ajayi, MD, Medical Director

RMC Board Members:
  - Joseph Takon, MD
  - Femi Awodele
  - Timi Badero, MD
  - Ashiwel Undieh, Ph.D
  - Bola Adesuyi, MS, MBA, PMP

Redeemer’s Medical Center (RMC) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. It is estimated that 15.1% of Gwinnett County residents are uninsured. Consequently, many individuals are living with treatable and or curable health issues; which could lead to grave situations. RMC is a free clinic with a mission to provide basic healthcare services to Gwinnett County residents who do not have access to healthcare services due to lack of insurance or limited financial resources. In addition to free healthcare, RMC will organize periodic health fairs, health & wellness and healthcare educational programs.

We are requesting for your help with a donation to the Redeemer’s Medical Center upon which you will be issued a tax-deductible receipt from our office. Click on the "Donation" button at the bottom of this page to make a donation. If you are sending your donation in the form of a check, please make it payable to "Redeemer’s Medical Center".

We are working very hard to provide free healthcare services to our community and we hope we can count on you for a generous donation. If you require additional information about RMC and our services, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any question(s) you may have. You can click on the "contact us" link for details on how we can be reached.

Thank you for your consideration. Redeemer’s Medical Center cannot do it without the generosity of donors like you.

Monetary Gifts:
- Online donations can be made by clicking the "Donate" link above
- Checks may be sent to: Attn. Bola Adesuyi, 6760 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Suite 100 Norcross, GA 30071

Material Gifts: Please call us at 770-246-3800 before sending a material gift to our address as there are some items that we might not be able to use.